Helping Tenants to Improve their Credit Score

Free and simple to use with no tie-ins

Information provided is confidential and only shared with credit agencies

Good for Landlords to avoid bad Tenants and good for Tenants to build up good credit

How will it work?

Register with us for free and add your Tenants and start to log their rent payments.

Your Tenant's rental payments information goes on to their own credit rating file with Equifax and will be available to credit agencies for future references. This enables tenants with a good credit history to build a good credit score.

If a Tenant is late or misses a rental payment, inform them that this may affect their credit rating.

Usually by letting your Tenants know that by missing paying their rent it may affect their future ability to obtain credit , is sometimes enough for the tenant to correct their rental commitments.

Credit agencies can then use the rental payment information to highlight good Tenants who regularly pay their rent in full and on time but it will also highlight those tenants who have a history of late or missed rent payments.

Good tenants can improve their credit score by paying regular rent payments in full and on time.Landlords benefit from avoiding late paying Tenants and can see those with good credit ratings.

Registering with Rent Tracker will help all Landlords get a better picture of who they’re renting their property to, and those Tenants looking to build their credit ratings by paying rent on time.

All you need to do is register your Tenants with us, it's free and easy to do!

If you have a Tenant who misses a payment then you can add a notification to their file with us. This then goes on their credit file with Equifax and shows up on any future credit searches. Other Landlords and other Financial Institutions will then be able to see that in the past your tenant has either missed payments, been late or left with arrears. The Tenants who pay on time will build a good credit rating, this could in turn assist them with future mortgage or credit applications.